AGE: 19

Ten things you need to know about the first-ever female AXE Consumer Consultant, Jaime Neefs:

  • Hails from Oakville, Ontario.
  • Is a full-time student at McMaster University.
  • Edward vs. Jacob? She roots for the four-legged…
  • Is abstaining from vanilla for the summer (and we’re here to help).
  • Zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba – that’s right, she can say it backwards in less five seconds.
  • Dislikes horses.
  • Is a varsity athlete.
  • Aspiring mathlete (fingers crossed).
  • Likes to break a sweat at least once a day (refer to point #7 / #8).
  • Can sing a ballad ‘slash’ rap tune like no one else.


AGE: 23

Ten things you need to know about the first-ever male AXE Consumer Consultant, Al Halavrezos:

  • Goes by Al Hal. Trust us, it’s easier that way.
  • Just graduated McGill University studying music, marketing and science.
  • He’s a jack of all trades.
  • Likes cats. A lot.
  • Is from Dartmouth, NS – aka the Darkside. If you don’t know – we didn’t either.
  • Will wear a flag to impress.
  • Likes to start his Saturday nights with a call home to his fam (decreases guilt, thereby increasing good times).
  • Doesn’t kiss and tell...
  • Sports a moustache with more than a hint of irony 90% of the year.
  • Fears nothing.
  • Would tell you about his hidden talent, but would have to kill you.


Last September AXE put a call out to Canadians: show us why we should give you a
summer filled with unforgettable personal and professional experiences.

Canada answered. After fighting off the competition, two clear winners have emerged.

Please meet, AXE Canada’s Consumer Consultants for 2010...


All "jaime":

Smile right MEOW!

Post by jaimeneefs

My new camera is awesome!  Literally, awesome.  It goes by the name of Fujifilm FinePix Z700EXR and the 3.5-inch display will blow your mind.  Not only is it touch screen, but it can also be held horizontally and vertically without missing a beat.  And if you’re into shooting video but can’t be bothered to lug around a video camera, the Z700EXR records HD movie that you can hook up to your TV.  Alright, I know I just threw a bunch of facts about this camera at you and it may start to feel like a sales pitch, but if there’s one thing you need to know about the Fujifilm FinePix Z700EXR, it’s this…

Face detection.  Psych!  I know this isn’t anything new, face detection is SO 2009.  But it gets even better!  The FinePix Z700EXR has dog and cat detection!  No joke, this camera is able to detect your pet so if you’re anything like me, this feature is a gift from Heaven.  It’s about to bring me to a whole new level of cat lady and I can’t wait.  Although the same can’t be said for Ashy and Ty (shout out to my cats, what what!)

Anyways, the Z700EXR has loads of cool features and one will be extra special for you.  If nothing else, check out this short video about the camera and prepare to have your mind blown!

- Jaime

The End.

Post by jaimeneefs

Welcome to the end Mr. Yantho and friends.  As the AXE Summer Gig officially comes to a close today, I feel it fitting to look back on the past two months.  Sure it’s been busy and time-consuming with the huge commitment to the blog, but with hard work comes play.  Deadlines are deadlines, but once the day is done, in come the fun.  And there definitely was no shortage of that!  Now let me take you back to the start for a look at ‘Jaime’s Top 10 Moments of the AXE Summer Gig.’

10. The ‘AXE Condo’

With a place this good looking, it was love at first sight!

9. The Airplane Boys and For Higher Ground

Al and I checked out these up-and-coming local bands and my mind was blown.

8. Night out with the AXE team

This was one of our first nights in Toronto and we were treated to a delicious dinner with the big bosses of AXE.  ‘Man’-politans courtesy of Al!

7. My first tattoo

I went under the needle for my very first tat during my time in Toronto and it couldn’t have turned out better!  Props to Brody Polinsky for the ballin’ artwork.

6. My first (in a very long time) baseball

I picked quite possibly the hottest day in June to check out Toronto’s very own ball team.  That, and it went to fifteen innings, FML.

5. The Drake Hotel

After hearing crazy awesome reviews about this place I knew I had to see it for myself.  Insta-baller!

4. International soccer

I was lucky enough to enjoy all the international soccer in a city with so much culture.  Hup Holland!

3. Canada Day in Ottawa

Definitely a highlight of my summer!  A skin tight highlight that is, ahem morphsuits.

2. Video awards

Rocked out in a crowd of thousands and had a chance to see my 16-year old superstar crush (embarrassing)!

1. All 61 days

I know, I know, it’s not very fair to include the entire experience in my Top 10.  But believe me, if you got this chance and this experience, you’d be sayin’ the same thing, brotha!  Amazing.

It’s been fun you guys.  Until next time,


Basic Training: Day 2

Post by jaimeneefs

Whoever said it’s inappropriate to talk about ladies’ underwear obviously didn’t catch a glance of the AXE Facebook page last week, because it was absolute mayhem.  Comment mayhem that is.  When trying to decide what I should write about for this week’s topic – underwear – I thought what better than to hear what dudes have to say about women’s unmentionables.  And man did they have a lot to say!  It was actually quite interesting how opinionated the males were about female clothing.  So interesting that you should go to the AXE Facebook page and check it out!  On second thought, I’ll just tell you here…

To break it down, I asked one “underwear question” per day from Tuesday to Friday last week.  Each day was a little bit different but they all related back to what women wear underneath it all.

Day 1: Have you ever bought lingerie for a girlfriend/wife?  What was that experience like?

Interesting way to start off the week that’s for sure.  One guy cited that he had indeed purchased lingerie not just once but a few times!  Overall he said it was a positive experience with a definite payoff in the end… we’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Day 2: Does it matter to you if a girl’s underwear is matching or not?

This was a popular question that bred a bunch of very similar answers.  When it comes down to it, guys could really care less if the bra matches the underwear and vice versa.  I mean, as a girl you definitely get a boost of confidence when you know the underneath is looking just as good as your clothes.  But when it comes to impressing the fellas, they only care about one thing, and it ain’t a colour combo…

Day 3: Underwear poll of the day - What is your favourite type of underwear on a girl?  A. Granny panties  B. Thong  C. Boy shorts

Holy comments AXEman!  After a whopping fourty-three comments on the AXE Facebook page, the guys just couldn’t decide between option B and option C.  Based on the first few comments it seemed as though they liked the least amount of fabric the best.  Au contraire mon frère!  Playing the part of the underdog, boy shorts made a big comeback in the standings only to end in a dead heat.  According to the men of AXE, boy shorts bring an element of mystery to the table and leave the rest to the imagination.  As for any alternative answers, well, those guys weren’t big fans of mystery.

Day 4: Guys, what’s YOUR favourite type of underwear to wear?

It was no surprise when boxers emerged as the clear winner in this one.  The vote was for the most part unanimous, minus the random commando shoutout and mom reference.  But like I stated in my previous post, if I had to choose I would go boxers too… not that it matters.

So that wraps up “Underwear Week.”  I hope you enjoyed the findings and joined the fun on the AXE Facebook page.  If you just missed out on the action, no worries, everyone loves a random underwear comment from time to time.  Be my guest, hit up the group and let me know what you’re rocking today!  Here’s hoping you don’t jump on Al Hal’s man thong bandwagon.  Because that’s just not good for anybody.

Until next time,

Mismatched Jaime

Retiring the (AXE) Jersey

Post by jaimeneefs

The time has come my friends; time to close the curtains on AXE Canada’s Ridiculously, Ridiculously Good Summer Gig.  We’re retiring our jerseys and clockin’ out, this is last call ladies and gentlemen.  It’s been a wild summer that’s for sure, and it’s hard to believe how fast it went by.  And if you don’t mind me being lame for two seconds, I’d like to comment that the saying is true, time does fly when you’re having fun!

In honour of the Summer Gig I’d like to take this opportunity to present to you my Top 10 Moments of the (ridiculous) Summer!  Well, not at this exact moment, but give me a few days to compose myself and hustle back to the blog to find out what takes the cake!

Lastly, if I don’t get another chance, I would like to give everyone mad props (that means thank you, Mom) for coming along this ridiculous ride with me.  To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for everyone who supported me.  So without shedding a bucket of tears, I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you.

Thanks for reading the blog.

Thanks for commenting on the AXE Facebook page.

Thanks for taking interest in what I had to say.

You da, you da best.


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