AGE: 19

Ten things you need to know about the first-ever female AXE Consumer Consultant, Jaime Neefs:

  • Hails from Oakville, Ontario.
  • Is a full-time student at McMaster University.
  • Edward vs. Jacob? She roots for the four-legged…
  • Is abstaining from vanilla for the summer (and we’re here to help).
  • Zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba – that’s right, she can say it backwards in less five seconds.
  • Dislikes horses.
  • Is a varsity athlete.
  • Aspiring mathlete (fingers crossed).
  • Likes to break a sweat at least once a day (refer to point #7 / #8).
  • Can sing a ballad ‘slash’ rap tune like no one else.


AGE: 23

Ten things you need to know about the first-ever male AXE Consumer Consultant, Al Halavrezos:

  • Goes by Al Hal. Trust us, it’s easier that way.
  • Just graduated McGill University studying music, marketing and science.
  • He’s a jack of all trades.
  • Likes cats. A lot.
  • Is from Dartmouth, NS – aka the Darkside. If you don’t know – we didn’t either.
  • Will wear a flag to impress.
  • Likes to start his Saturday nights with a call home to his fam (decreases guilt, thereby increasing good times).
  • Doesn’t kiss and tell...
  • Sports a moustache with more than a hint of irony 90% of the year.
  • Fears nothing.
  • Would tell you about his hidden talent, but would have to kill you.


Last September AXE put a call out to Canadians: show us why we should give you a
summer filled with unforgettable personal and professional experiences.

Canada answered. After fighting off the competition, two clear winners have emerged.

Please meet, AXE Canada’s Consumer Consultants for 2010...


All "Meerkat":

AXEgirl 101

Post by jaimeneefs

Ch-ch-check it out oh friends of the Internet, my name is Jaime Neefs (you can call me the big boss) and I will be your female AXE Consumer Consultant for summer 2010.

Who cares?  Well, YOU do young grasshopper.  As one of your AXE Consumer Consultants, I’ll be roamin’ the Toronto scene for young, hot people like yourselves to find out what’s hot, who’s hot, and what you draaankin’.

How did I land this ridiculously sweet gig you ask?  Story time.  Other than embarrassing myself countless times on a national level, I posed as a lumberjack, blurted out the alphabet backwards, and when in doubt I rapped it out!  My Mom thinks I’m cool… and thankfully AXE does too!

They have sent me on a quest, a secret agent mission really, to hit the dating scene and find out what the mating game is all about.  From texting to nightlife, and even making out, I’m getting the deets on what Canadian guys and girls really want… aside from the obvious… great hair and smellin’ fresh.

While I’m on this adventure, I also have a bucket list of my own with things I’d like to accomplish such as drink lemonade in July and ride a streetcar.  I am very ambitious.  But for real, I’ll be hittin’ all the local hot spots and if you have any suggestions on where I should go and what kind of awkward situations I can get myself into, I’m game brotha!

Hit me up on the AXE Facebook page or even get in contact with me and I’ll give you one of my fancy shmancy business cards ‘cause I’m a baller like that.  Downtown life is never short of interesting characters or epic parties and I can’t wait to share what all goes down.

 The night is young,