AGE: 19

Ten things you need to know about the first-ever female AXE Consumer Consultant, Jaime Neefs:

  • Hails from Oakville, Ontario.
  • Is a full-time student at McMaster University.
  • Edward vs. Jacob? She roots for the four-legged…
  • Is abstaining from vanilla for the summer (and we’re here to help).
  • Zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba – that’s right, she can say it backwards in less five seconds.
  • Dislikes horses.
  • Is a varsity athlete.
  • Aspiring mathlete (fingers crossed).
  • Likes to break a sweat at least once a day (refer to point #7 / #8).
  • Can sing a ballad ‘slash’ rap tune like no one else.


AGE: 23

Ten things you need to know about the first-ever male AXE Consumer Consultant, Al Halavrezos:

  • Goes by Al Hal. Trust us, it’s easier that way.
  • Just graduated McGill University studying music, marketing and science.
  • He’s a jack of all trades.
  • Likes cats. A lot.
  • Is from Dartmouth, NS – aka the Darkside. If you don’t know – we didn’t either.
  • Will wear a flag to impress.
  • Likes to start his Saturday nights with a call home to his fam (decreases guilt, thereby increasing good times).
  • Doesn’t kiss and tell...
  • Sports a moustache with more than a hint of irony 90% of the year.
  • Fears nothing.
  • Would tell you about his hidden talent, but would have to kill you.


Last September AXE put a call out to Canadians: show us why we should give you a
summer filled with unforgettable personal and professional experiences.

Canada answered. After fighting off the competition, two clear winners have emerged.

Please meet, AXE Canada’s Consumer Consultants for 2010...


All "Fujifilm":

   Similar to my late adoption when it came to cell phones, I have never owned a digital camera. Until now! Fujifilm has hooked me up with not one, but TWO different say cheese machines, and they’re both awesome for their own unique reasons.

   The first is the F80. When Fuji says FinePix, they aint lyin’ with this creature. This camera is like the brother who is the pride of the family, was the high school quarterback and becomes a big time lawyer or something. Very high quality shots, with lots of cool features.

   However, if you’re like me, you’ll just set the camera to EXR mode aka superduper autopilot. In this setting, the camera figures out everything for you and adjusts accordingly. Lighting, face recognition, macro shots… basically this little box is smarter than me.

   Did I mention that it boasts a massive 10x zoom that you can still use while recording high def videos? Killer for sports or making your own nature documentary. Check out my vid on slug copulation this fall: Is That Mucous Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

   Next up is the XP10. This dude embodies the crazy younger brother, who’s always the life of the party while simultaneously the toughest bro in the room. In other words, this camera is definitely frat house / dorm approved!

   It’s dust proof, dirt proof AND freeze proof, so now I have no problem documenting my latest art installation “Mud & Meat Lockers”. This guy’s also shock proof up to one meter, so feel free to drop it like a clingy ex.

   The best feature about this party animal is that it is also water proof. Not just take pictures in drizzle water proof, come on! We’re talkin’ Fuji here. This sucker withstands beer spillage and it takes high definition videos underwater. Wait, what?

   Yeah, you heard me. Here’s a mix of some fun the boys and I had in the pool a few days ago:

I figure that pretty much speaks for itself. Now I just need to get to an actual beach…

   Anyway, just know that all of the shots you see on this site are coming from one of these two bad boys. If you’d like to check out some other cool stuff Fuji’s got going on or enter one of their many contests, check out their fan page.


Fuji Friends

Post by jaimeneefs

Wake up and check the weather for the day.  Simple, yet regular routine right?  Besides curiosity, you do this in order to dress accordingly for the weather.  Raincoat for rain.  Rubber boots for mud.  Elbow pads in case you fall.  And a warm jacket when the temperature dips below the freezing mark.  But what if you had something that was suitable for all weather?  Something you could use in rain or shine, summer or winter.  If questions like these keep you awake at night, I have your solution, and it’s a lot more stylish.

Reader, meet the Fujifilm FinePix XP10.  Fujifilm, meet the reader.  You two will now become lifelong friends.  Neither water nor winter, mud nor catastrophe will ever separate you.  And that, my newly acquainted friends, is a fact!

You know the story.  After the excitement of buying a digital camera, you can’t wait to show it off to your friends at the next party.  It’s the perfect camera for all those mirror pics and DP’s you’ve been dying to capture.  Except with one slip and spill of a drink by your friend, Sloppy Sandy, you can kiss those digital uploads goodbye.  R.I.P. super expensive camera.

Friend-proof your photography with the FinePix XP10 and you’ll never have to worry about anything, including Sloppy Sandy.  Camera-shy in a rainstorm?  Don’t be.  Forgot your digicam in the freezer?  No worries.  Finally you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that the Fujifilm FinePix XP10 will be able to brave all your elements.  Just look at my pics – and these are post-dropping demonstration for my friends!

At the water park with my bro!

Underwater Magic

Post by jaimeneefs

Hands down one of coolest specs about the FinePix XP10 is the waterproof feature.  I’m not talking the kind of waterproof where it’s still advised to avoid water.  I mean full-blown underwater madness.  And the first time I did it, well, it was wet’n’wild!

Of course I knew my camera was fully functional underwater, but actually testing it out was more nerve-racking than you would think.  It took a lot of convincing to actually take the plunge (literally!)  Not to take away from the shockproof feature though, which is mighty handy as well.  Actually, perhaps it’s more handy for someone a bit more accident-prone.  Perhaps someone like Al Hal (zing!)

But, as promised, the camera made amazing pictures underwater, in the rain, and in a water park.  Hold your breath and take a look!

- Jaime

   Alright girls, this one goes out to you. I know your summer vacays are totally awesome. Spring break was great, too. I’ve seen your photos and they are lovely. Chillin’ at the pool pic? Check. Girls’ night out with a colourful drink pic? Check. Dance floor pic with that random guy that turned out to be a terrible mistake? Yeah, you’ve got that one, too. 

   But wait, something’s missing from your *~*RaNdOM fUn!*~* album. Hmmm…. oh, right:


   What is it about the female genetic code that possesses you do do this? How is a picture of you on the air better then one with you on the ground? Why? Just… why?

   The biggest problem I have with these pictures is the wasted time they represent. Call me a cynic, but I would rather spend 15 minutes chillin’ with my friends than trying to coordinate an air-prancing, hand-holding picture worth so many mems.

   Thankfully, Fujifilm has come out with the feature for me on my F80EXR. It’s called “Final 23”, but I call it “stupid jumping picture setting”. Just hold down the shutter and the camera starts taking pictures, rapid-fire style. Lift your finger and the camera automatically stores the last 23 shots taken. 

   Voila - perfect stupid jumping pictures, everytime.

Oh boy.

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